Inventory Optimisation Services for Retail Networks

"The potential for improvement in shelf productivity is significant when the last mile to the shelf can respond to real demand. It is our mission to capture that potential and improve your Return on Inventory." - Jasper Zeelenberg, CEO of Retailisation B.V.

Our Services

The common goal of our software is to improve shelf-availability and stock-turns for retailers, brands and verticals (brands with their own retail locations). This reduces the risk of stock-outs, increases sales and significantly improves your ROI. Our solutions are cloud-based and are delivered via web-browser and our mobile App, Goods-on-Tap. We use different means to exchange data, depending on our client’s available or preferred method.

Distribution Management Services

Once we connect your supply points to your
points of sale*, our software aligns your last
mile distribution to retail with consumer
demand. Reduce unnecessary shortages and
overstocks and improve the performance of
your product in your stores and those of your
retail partners.

Inventory Management App

All you need to do is send daily sales and inventory data via electronic data interchange (EDI), download the Goods-on-Tap app from the App store and then sign in and start improving your retail business. Our App lets you stay on top of store productivity
and make quick decisions on the items in your assortment and the orders suggested.

Integrated Assortment Planning

IAP is closely integrated with DMS, enabling IAP to work off the same daily data by SKU (stock keeping unit in each location). Together, DMS and IAP deliver trend setting capability by combining real-time store replenishment and forecasting with planning tasks needed for any fashion brand or fashion retailer in today’s world.

Quick Implementation

Our systems require daily data from all points of sale and distribution. Our on-boarding process assures that this data can be exchanged quickly, reliably and securely.

Flexible Contracts

Agreements span across multiple retail channels and partnership models such as consignment or vendor managed inventory. Scalable from just a few stores to thousands of retail locations, webshops and multiple points of distribution.

High Returns

Zero investment for implementation and pay as you go terms assures you of high returns across your retail channels.

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